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IIG Academy Sports Shine Course

There are many deserving and persistent student-athletes who want to make their mark and gain world-class exposure in their field of sports. Most of these young athletes are not aware of how they can truly be an asset to the top world-class universities abroad.

The IIG Academy in association with IIG Sports Academy is committed to creating an active and vibrant student community. Through IIGA Sports Shine course, we offer a flexible educational curriculum that provides a tailor-made academic schedule to athletes, built around their sporting commitments. We encourage & provide means to our students, from Grade 6 to Grade 12, to balance their pursuit for sporting excellence without compromising on their academics. We create lifelong learners who can balance sports as well as academics.

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Course Features

Residential facilities for both Boys and Girls
Experienced faculty dedicated in focusing on your academic growth
Balanced curriculum for both sports and academics
Access to world-class sports training facilities
High-performance sports training with experienced coaches
Opportunity to represent school teams and competitive matches
Access to smart classrooms, library, science lab, gym, auditorium, medical room, physiotherapy, psychologist, and much more

Top Colleges to Study Abroad as a College Athlete

Ivy League schools care about sports during admission process. By most estimates, 20–25% of Ivy League students are recruited athletes. They receive no athletic scholarships. They get a significant advantage in admissions but are still very good students. If the average SAT of non-athletes is, say, 1500, the average of the athletes might be 1350.

There are Eight Ivy League Schools

Brown University
Columbia University
Cornell University
Dartmouth University
Havard University
UPenn University
Princeton University
Yale University

Apart from above Ivy league colleges, some of the best universities
in the world that are ideal for college athletes

Student’s Journey to Top College Abroad

Our Academy follows Step-by-Step journey for getting admission into top colleges abroad

Academic advisor and/or coach will discuss with student and review your profile and requirements. As per that only, your abroad education journey would proceed further.

Student will conduct their own research and look out for colleges that have an apt ecosystem for budding sports players and athletes. Choosing a college, which offers you the best sports club and facilities, would help you in your athletic career. Our advisor will fully support the student in this step.

After finalizing few best-fit universities abroad, academic preparedness will accelerate so as to prepare students in necessary entrance test like SAT, ACT, AP, TOEFL, IELTS etc. Simultaneously, these students need to strike a healthy work-life balance because their goal on campus is to excel on the field and in the classroom.

Students will research sports-related scholarship opportunities. Many universities and other organizations are now offering different sports scholarships to deserving and meritorious college athletes. Students should pay close attention to their eligibility criteria as well as their deadlines.

Apply to the colleges of your choice whenever application starts and wait for the results. Now you’re all set to head off to college!