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Lush Green Campus

IIG Sports Academy provides a high-standard infrastructure that bridges the gap between players and winners. To elevate your child's level, we have a beautiful campus located in a pollution-free and quiet corner of Rudrapur. The scenic Nainital Hills and the salubrious climate create the perfect environment for future Olympians to practice.

   16 Acre Campus

iig sports academy
iig sports academy sports complex

Sports Complex

Keeping up with our promise of providing the best facilities, we have a large sports complex comprising various courts. All our courts ranging from badminton, table tennis, tennis, cricket, etc., are of international standard to recreate the conditions of professional tournaments as far as possible. The courts are well furnished and ventilated and contain the latest and highest-quality sports equipment.

Standard Cricket Ground

Our standard cricket ground is at par with international stadiums with excellent turfs, the best equipment, and regular maintenance. Our grounds are of ICC standards and can easily host international events.

Our commitment to making our students into world-class players is reflected through special efforts for grass pitches. Grass pitches allow us to teach diving and siding field skills effectively.

cricket ground

Maintenance of these grounds is necessary for assuring everyone equal opportunity. Our standard cricket grounds boast advanced maintenance systems like underground sprinkler-system, mowers, automated rollers, and so on.

An important part of growing as a player is realising your flaws and working continuously to hone every skill. We teach these values by dividing students into teams and assigning different roles. Additionally, we have stump-vision cameras and snickometers installed so that every student can analyse their performance.

In cricket, coordination and communication with your team are just as crucial as batting and bowling. Under the supervision of our coaches, these skills will also be imparted to our future Olympians.


iig sports academy

We offer integrated academics and sports programs to students from first to twelfth. This is a full-time residential program which means students are taught on the campus, with access to outstanding opportunities. This course helps them inculcate a mindset of competition, harmony, and growth. They learn the basics of sports while actually practising it. If you enrol your children at the age of 6 under this program, they are sure to grow up to be competitive athletes in the future.

Own CBSE School

IIG Sports Academy public school is affiliated with and abides by all the rules of CBSE. It is located in Rudrapur and is run under the aegis of 'M.B. Educational Facility'.

IIG Sports Academy public school is a one-of-a-kind co-ed English medium school. It was established in 2004 to impart quality education to our burgeoning sportspersons with state-of-the-art infrastructure and handpicked faculty members.

Our goal is to ensure that our students don't merely pass examinations but instead combine their talent in sports with their sharp minds to become all-rounded individuals.

iig sports academy