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IIG Sports Academy has separate boys and girls hostels with all the modern amenities installed. We have hygienic washrooms, 24-hour power and water supply, and air-conditioned rooms for people of all ages.

A room attendant and sweepers maintain our hostel's cleanliness, and a laundry facility is available. We maintain our hostels in immaculate condition and ensure that your child is well-taken care of. Any special needs and conditions of students can also be accommodated.



Dining Hall

A common dining hall serving clean and healthy food, where students can sit and eat together is available. We cater to all food habits, including non-vegetarian food thrice a week and milk twice a day to build the strength of our champs.


Recreational Activities

All work and no play is not the IIG Sports Academy way! We have a common room full of fun indoor games, magazines, T.V., music systems to help children relax and hang out. It is the perfect space to take a break by either playing games or watching a movie!



Amiable Atmosphere

To keep up the spirits of our future champions, we have created a blissful environment, free from all pollution and noise. Our campus location ensures privacy and a homey feel to relax and focus on their aims.


Celebrations in IIG Sports Academy

Celebrating birthdays, victories, and competitions is our way to unite the students and inculcate sportsmanship in them. At IIG Sports Academy, we encourage students to keep up with their hobbies such as singing, dancing, oration, etc., so they do not feel limited to just their sport.