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Table-Tennis Program

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination." - Tommy Lasorda, famous American coach

Table tennis is quickly gaining momentum in the competitive sports industry of India. With demands for more Indian players in international competitions on the rise, now is a great time to upskill your talent in this sport. IIG Sports Academy could be your one-way ticket to the Olympics!

We provide proper table tennis tables and equipment, all to international standards. We have adequate space for players to practice in without feeling cramped. All our equipment is maintained in pristine condition and regularly restocked.

This is a testament to our zero-tolerance policy for compromises on our students' futures. We are committed to ensuring that no technical glitches or flaws come in the way of our budding champions!

Table tennis, just like any other racquet sport, requires exceptional concentration span, agility, and fast reflexes. These skills are instilled in all our players by the tremendous efforts of our coaches. They will teach the students everything they need to know -from the rules to gameplay - across all levels and age groups.

Students can also enjoy table tennis as a recreational hobby. While professional table tennis is highly competitive, it can also be a leisure activity for some students. So it is a win-win!

With the stellar performance of Indian table tennis players in the Tokyo Olympics still fresh in our memory, it is safe to assume that India has a long road ahead in this sport. Your child could be one of the winners who becomes the next big T.T. sensation, and IIG Sports Academy will do everything to empower them!


The IIG Sports academy has the privilege of being able to provide its students with the best of sporting facilities. strives to provide our students with one of the best state-of-the-art sporting and academic infrastructures in India to prepare them for the highly competitive world of sports.

The vast 15acres grounds make it possible to provide for every sport played in school. Our sports facilities feature a remarkably functional design, comfortable user facilities, and the ability to expand per needs. In addition to that, the infrastructure is equipped with all the requirements to host national and international level sporting events.

Admission Open for 2022-2023