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Hustle, smash, and never ever quit! This tennis program is formulated for advanced training for adults. It involves extensive sessions by our professional coaches to prepare you for future tournaments.

Tennis Express I

Each series course is formulated to help you progress to your next level. Your level of skill is based on our coaches' examination of your athletic abilities and your knowledge of tennis. They enable the candidates to be prepared for every possibility in the near future.

Private Tennis Lessons

We offer private tennis lessons as well. A private lesson enables you to learn tennis essentials within your comfort zone. Our professional coaches here will give you the best advice available, making you proficient in the particular field.

Play With Friends

Tennis is a wonderful sport with several mental and emotional benefits. These include enhancing self-confidence and self-esteem, lowering stress, and strengthening cognitive skills. Playing tennis with friends helps you develop these abilities, and here we offer you this experience.

Rent A Ball Machine

We never bar your growth. In fact, we encourage it! Hence, we allow you to rent a ball machine and practice the sport within your comfort zone. To put it another way, you can learn and practice tennis from the comfort of your house, without worrying about travelling to the field.

“One of the thrills of playing at the top tennis centres of the world is to see the Indian flag go up whenever I`m participating in these events. That's enough motivation for any Indian who has the opportunity to perform at these tournaments.“ – Sania Mirza, Indian professional tennis player.


The IIG Sports academy has the privilege of being able to provide its students with the best of sporting facilities. strives to provide our students with one of the best state-of-the-art sporting and academic infrastructures in India to prepare them for the highly competitive world of sports.

The vast 15acres grounds make it possible to provide for every sport played in school. Our sports facilities feature a remarkably functional design, comfortable user facilities, and the ability to expand per needs. In addition to that, the infrastructure is equipped with all the requirements to host national and international level sporting events.

Admission Open for 2022-2023