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It’s never too early to become a tennis master. That is why this program is specially designed for kids who are at their base level and want to pursue their career in tennis. These fun training sessions help them build a strong base to be competitive athletes in the future.

PeeWee Tennis

This series is offered for kindergarten and pre-tennis children. It presents a gentle introduction to tennis and supports the establishment of a foundation that will be extremely advantageous in the children's future training session

Kids Holiday Camps

Our Kids Holiday Camps are designed for children between 4-14 yrs for all skill categories. It is a wonderful way for children to experience tennis from the base level while enjoying their summer holidays!

Progressive Training

The Progressive Training program helps students gradually master tennis at various levels. They are given goals at each level, and once they pass the first level, they are promoted to the next one.

Group Lessons

We offer group lessons for children who want to train with their friends or make new ones. This inculcates a competitive spirit and enhances their overall performance.


The IIG Sports academy has the privilege of being able to provide its students with the best of sporting facilities. strives to provide our students with one of the best state-of-the-art sporting and academic infrastructures in India to prepare them for the highly competitive world of sports.

The vast 15acres grounds make it possible to provide for every sport played in school. Our sports facilities feature a remarkably functional design, comfortable user facilities, and the ability to expand per needs. In addition to that, the infrastructure is equipped with all the requirements to host national and international level sporting events.

Admission Open for 2022-2023